The following tables shows our total costs for each location to which we’ve travelled, and will be updated on an ongoing basis. It’s broken down into “Nomadic Travel” and “Non-Nomadic Travel,” with additional details below, along with links to the blog post for each location.

Nomadic Travel – These are our costs while living on our budget of $160/day (Canadian,  $124 US$, €124). So far we have averaged out to $125.93/day, including the added expenses associated with road trips and some short-stays in more expensive locations.

Non-Nomadic Travel – The first three locations on this list were trips that had been funded prior to our retirement, and were delayed due to Covid. Accordingly, we aren’t including them in our nomadic travel costs, but did write blog posts so have listed the costs here for interest’s sake. Occasionally we’ll splurge on a short trip that will be more expensive, like the Alaskan cruise, and we won’t include those costs in the nomadic travel budget because we don’t consider it part of our normal nomadic lifestyle. If we are able to splurge, it will be because we’ve saved some money in lower cost locations.

Major Takeaways and Costs Explained – As can be seen in the table above, we are currently on track to average just over $46k Canadian$ per year ($34.2k US$, €34.7k). This total includes all accommodation, transportation in-country (including gas and road tolls), groceries, restaurants, entrance fees, parking, health insurance/care, phone/data packages, and subscriptions (Netflix and other streaming services, software costs like VPNs, Adobe Creative suite, Quicken, web hosting, etc.). These tables reflect all our expenses for living in the location, except for the cost of moving between major locations (ie, our flight from Canada to Europe, Europe to SE Asia, etc.).

The lowest priced regions were Bulgaria and Türkiye where we spent almost three months before prices started to creep up in 2022. You may also notice that the longer we stayed in a country the lower our costs became because transportation costs to the region are spread across a longer time, and AirBnB rentals usually offer discounts for weekly or monthly rentals. Road trips usually bring up the spending, but we’re hoping that the rest of 2022 when we plan to slow down a bit, taking advantage of the discounts for longer stay accommodations and less gas in the car, will average out below our $160 budget. As such, we know our average cost may rise a bit before the end of the year, but our current plan is to spend 2023 in SE Asia, which should bring things down a bit.

The great thing about this average is that it’s actually less than we were spending living in our house in Calgary, Canada, even though it was paid off and we had no mortgage. With no property taxes or utilities, home and car insurance or maintenance, the relatively high cost of living in North America, not to mention the other things we found ourselves spending money on even though we lived a pretty frugal life, we can do this for as much or less than living in one spot. So why wouldn’t we travel the world like this when we’re health and our kids are now independent?

What’s not included in these costs? As mentioned above, these costs include everything we paid for living in the location except for the cost of moving between major locations. This is because it will vary greatly depending on where you come from, your route, and the method of transportation. For us for the first year of nomadic travel this included the flights to and from Europe, and the flights within Europe (UAE and Spain – shorter travel by bus between neighbouring countries was included in the destination country’s cost). The total for all of these for the two of us was $4,291 Canadian$ ($3,231 US$, €3,237k), but can be much lower or higher depending on your location, route, and method of transport. We also don’t include any occasional clothing or cooking items that we’ll keep (like utensils or carry bags) because we’ll be using those items for a long time, but those costs are very low since we don’t buy much – maybe $25/month at the most.

Links to the blog posts with cost details for each location:

Nomadic Travel
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Alcázar de San Juan Roadtrip
Perugia to Budapest Roadtrip
Zagreb/Istria Peninsula
Non-Nomadic Travel
Jordon tour
Egypt tour
Sarengeti to Mafia Island
Alaska Cruise

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